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If you are interested in attending either of these events, please call or text Lou at 773-447-7964. RSVP allows us to properly buy enough food. Thank You!

This is a great chance to let you know that we have many summer events planned. Please text Lou at 773-447-7964 if you are interested in any of these upcoming events:

Visit our Facebook page for more information on these events.

January 22

Chicago BlackHawks vs NY Islanders Bus Game

January 26

Holy Name vs Holy Name Bowling Event at Immaculate Conception School

The St Jane Holy Name is being challenged AGAIN!

It is not the first, and will not be the last either. It seems every year we are asked to come back to IMMACULATE CONCEPTION School 7263 W Talcott Ave (11.58 mi)
Chicago, Illinois 60631 to play others in an old fashioned Bowling Alley. Well bring it on!

We will meet for Carpooling at 5:15 in school Parking lot. The event starts at 7PM.

What is old fashioned bowling you ask? Well it is old wood lanes, with actual pinsetters doing their duties. Yes you heard me right…. No new lanes, no computerized scoring, no automatic pin setting. This is the way they used to do.

Bring about $30 (usually $20 is enough) to offset the cost of food, drinks and of course tips for the youngsters setting the pins for us.

Are you interested? Text Lou at 773-447-7964 to add your name to our team. Watch out – WE ARE BACK!

Greater Food Depository Packing Party


The Holy Name Society has scheduled a visit to help at the Greater Food Depository. Might be 3/20/18 Please stay tuned for the actual date!

The Holy Name “Queen of Hearts Raffle!” is still on-going. Tickets are just $1 each or 6 for $5. It is a split the pot raffle being held each Saturday night at 9pm at Tom’s Tap (6707 Archer Ave). Tickets can be purchased there during normal business hours (2PM to 2AM) every day. We are also selling tickets as well after Mass for those who prefer not to go to the pub. The current pot is always available to be seen on our Facebook page.

Please text Lou at 773-447-7964 if you are interested in any of these upcoming events or visit our Facebook page for more information on these events and to see what the current Queen of Hearts pot is this upcoming week.