Food Pantry Garden



Surely you’ve noticed two new rectangular boxes on the south side of the church along 53rd street? We now have added a third vegetable box.  These vegetable boxes are to grow food for the poor, in particular, for our clients at the Rodriquez Pantry on the East Side of Chicago. I thank our parishioner Joan Saliskas who introduced me to Rev. Linda Wygant the director of Grace Seeds Ministry. I invited Rev. Wygant to speak to a group of parishioners about the Ministry that would help us provide greater healthy food service to our pantry. She has been most generous with her time and expertise in this regard. Please consider being an associate gardener by signing up at the Rectory. Please give your blessing to the garden and the poor as you pass by 53rd street. Stay tuned as we work hard to bear fruit in the Lord’s vineyard.            Fr. Cronin

See How Our Garden Grows

This summer has been great for our St. Fiacre Garden here at St. Jane. We have grown fresh vegetables and delivered them to our sharing partners, The Rodriguez Pantry and St. Blase Food Pantry.

2017 Food Pantry Garden

Ground preparation and planting for this years garden.

2016 Food Pantry Garden

We have added a third planter box.

April 29, 2016 – This year we have added a third planter box.



May 1, 2016 Getting ready to set up the soil for the planter boxes.


Mixing the soil.

Mixing the soil.

May 16, 2016   Planting the Garden. IMG_0559A


June 27, 2016     Look how our garden has grown.IMG_0594A


July 11, 2016  Our first harvest!  Basil, Swiss Chard, Cucumbers and Spinach.


July 18 Harvest,  Cucumbers and Beans


2015 Food Pantry Garden

10835279_766031996843524_536686673440839179_o 11053309_766032290176828_5570674383100701016_o 11157529_766032040176853_4093096951552695509_o11165079_766031993510191_6203243538926513657_o 11169713_766032036843520_4936048770575256398_o 11174613_766035076843216_1615519918719429603_o

11187340_766032346843489_257150252316661557_o 11242561_766032353510155_4799638550415535675_o 11242561_766032460176811_4636343738085406833_o

May 2, 2015 – Much preparation goes into preparing our two vegetable garden boxes.  Thanks to our wonderful volunteers.


May 21, 2015 – Planting of the vegetable garden.  We had five awesome seventh graders help us plant the vegetables. Jerry Soukal (in the red shirt) gave our gardeners a quick lesson in planting, and Father Cronin blessed the garden afterward.



June 11, 2015 – Look how the garden has grown .  The swiss chard will soon be ready to be picked and delivered to the food pantry!


June 18, 2015 – Fr. Cronin hold our first harvest!!  Swiss Chard!! We also add a Grace Seeds Ministry sign food for the poor.



Here are some pictures from the garden this week. We already harvested some Swiss chard last week. Next week, we will be able to cut some lettuce, Swiss chard and a few jalapeño peppers!



July 28, 2015 – The first picture is a recent shot of the growing bed.  The second picture some basil, lettuce, chard, peppers and radishes that were harvested last week . The third picture is of our first cucumber. The fourth picture is our harvest of beans and cucumbers today.

IMG_0405September 24, 2015 –  Our lasted Harvest this week.



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