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Parish Calendar   –   Parish Bulletin 


 Our Parish Bulletin Board Is

Located at the main entrance to the church.

There you will find a monthly schedule of meetings, notices of upcoming events in and around the parish and sometimes photos of recent doings right here at St. Jane. Check it out!  Our New Parish bulletin board was donated by The Ladies Guild.


   Polish Confessions

Each Saturday 3:30pm to 4:00pm
Every First Friday 6:00pm to 7:00pm


    Hungarian-prison-radio Relevant Radio

Listen to Relevant Radio 950 AM
Take Relevant Radio with you on your phone. https://www.relevantradio.com/app




Mark your calendars for July 25-28!

Volunteers—Online volunteer sign-up is available through Sign–Up Genius at


A Volunteer Sign-Up is also going to be held after the weekend Masses on June 22-23.

Wristband Sales

4-Day Wristbands are available at the Pre-Sale price of $50 through July 21 —

School Office – June 10 – 28, From 9:00 -12:00;

Rectory Office — July 1-19, From 9:30-4:00;

After Masses on July 14 and July 21.

4-Day Wristbands are $60 beginning July 22!

Grand Raffle—Please turn in your Grand Raffle tickets so that you can participate in the Early Bird Drawings to be held July 14 and July 21.  The First Early Bird Drawing was held June 6, 2019.  The winner was Evelyn Badonski.  Grand Raffle tickets are available $20 each and / 3 tickets for $50.  Thank you for your continued support of the Grand Raffle.


Zapraszamy na pożegnalny piknik

Ks. Edwarda Cronin

Niedziela, 30 Czerwiec

po Mszy swiętej o godzinie 11:00

na terenie parafii.

Postarajmy się, aby ten dzień był wyjątkowy

dla naszego Proboszcza i przyjaciela.

Wstąp i złóż życzenia Ks. Edwardowi Cronin

oraz skorzystaj ze spotkania z innymi parafialnymi rodzinami.

Więcej informacji będzie w biuletynie.

Osoby chętne do pomocy – mile widziane; proszę o  kontakt 

Pod numer telefonu-773-767-2411.

REF 2019-2020 Registration

Registration for Religious Education Classes for 2019-20 is now in progress for children in 1st  through 8th Grade.

Registration will be held Saturday, June 22nd after the 4:30 pm English Mass and Sunday, June 23rd after the 9:30 am and 11:00 am English Mass at                          St. Jane de Chantal. If these days do not correlate with your schedule, you can schedule a date and time to come register at the rectory at mhorbal.ref@gmail.com.

Registration Forms will be sent out to all families via email and can be picked up and dropped off at the rectory. Please have them filled out prior to registration to hasten the process.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays beginning September 11th, 2019.

***All children that will be new to this Religious Education Program must have a copy of their Baptismal Certificate present when registering. ***

Questions: Please call the REF Coordinator Maria Horbal at 773-842-4999 or email mhorbal.ref@gmail.com.

Volunteers: The Religious Education Program is in need of volunteers to assist as Teachers Aide, Substitute Teachers and Office Help, High-School Students are welcome.

REF 2019-2020 Rejestracja

Rejestracja 2019-2020 na lekcje religie w języku  angielskim REF program dla uczniów od klasy 1 do 8 zaczyna sie 22.06.19 w Sobotę po angielskiej Mszy Sw 4:30 oraz w Niedziele 23.06.2019 po Mszach Sw.  godz. 9:30 i 11:00 oraz po polskiej Mszy Sw. 12:30
Formy do rejestracji będą dostępne bezpośrednio przy rejestracji, oraz na plebani.
Bardzo potrzebujemy chętnych do pomocy: katechetów, do pracy biurowej, mile widziana młodzież!
Po więcej informacji proszę dzwonić do Koordynator REF: Maria Horbal 773-842-4999 lub email:  mhorbal.ref@gmail.com. Mowimy po polsku!


For PARENTS and anyone interested in Volunteering

SPRED – Communities of Faith, Communities of Friends
Inclusion for Persons with Developmental or Intellectual Challenges

SPRED is a parish-based program that serves all  children, ages 6 and up, and adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, anyone in the Autism Spectrum, and learning disabilities.

SPRED provides a comfortable setting that fosters an environment to grow in faith friendship and become more deeply aware of God’s love in their lives.

If you have a family member or friend who might benefit from this program, or to learn about exciting volunteer opportunities please don’t hesitate to ask questions and explore this marvelous opportunity.

If you wish you can also call or text our Spred Chair Person Elaine Alexander at 773-608-9651 and Eleonora Trzpit 773-403-0219

People with disabilities are a gift and an opportunity to grow in love.”  –  Pope Francis April 2016


SPRED –  Edukacja Religijna Osób Szczególnej Troski – to program działający przy parafiach,

który pomaga dzieciom (od lat 6)oraz  młodzieży i dorosłym z niepełnosprawnością intelektualną,  jak np.  Zespół Dawna, Porażenie Mózgowe, Autyzm,  w poczuciu godności i jedności z Kościołem oraz uczy, że każdy z nich jest kochany przez Boga.

Jeżeli masz lub znasz kogoś kto mógłby skorzystać z programu SPRED chętnie udzielimy więcej informacji.

Jeżeli uważasz, że mógłbyś pomóc jako wolontariusz w SPRED to czekamy właśnie na Ciebie.

” Pomagając w SPRED  więcej otrzymuję  niż daję”.

” oblicze Chrystusa jaśnieje w każdej osobie”.

Po więcej informacji prosimy dzwonić:  Elaine 773-608-6651

oraz po polsku Eleonora 773- 403-0219


GLS (Great Lakes Scrip) GIFT CARDS!!

Get your Gifts, Shopping and help St. Jane de Chantal earn a little too!           

If you still can’t decide what to get, gift cards are always a perfect gift for anyone on your list!!  Choose gift cards from over 750 brands you’re already shopping, including Best Buy, Amazon, Nordstrom, The Home Depot and many more. Whether you buy the gift cards to give as presents to family and friends or use them to buy your gifts, your order immediately raises funds for St. Jane de Chantal. Share the giftspiration with others—the more people that order, the more we earn.  There are two order forms on all tables in the back of the church.  One is the CASH AND CARRY form, which lists all the cards we have at hand and ready for you to purchase any time at the rectory during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 9:00am – 4:30pm). The 2nd Order form lists just some of the hundreds of cards available to order.  You can go to shopwithscrip.com and view all stores/brands available. Simply remember that all orders must be in by Monday morning at 10a.m. for guaranteed delivery by Thursday (of same week).  Please turn in all orders in a sealed envelope with payment and your name and phone number on it to the rectory or the Parish Correspondence Mail Box (in back of church).  Please call Lupe or Maria at the rectory (773-767-2411) with any questions.

Happy Shopping!


The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the works of the Church: Catholic schools, religious education programs, ministry formation, parishes in need and the international efforts of Catholic Relief Services. Join St. Jane de Chantal Parish in supporting the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal.



  Listen to the call in your heartears-to-hear

* Are you feeling a call to serve at St. Jane? Have you possibly thought of offering your services as a Eucharistic Minister? Contact Deacon Ron at 773.585.2617 and let’s talk.

* Are you feeling a call to serve at St. Jane? Have you possibly thought of joining the Hungry & Homeless group, offering assistance to the poor and homeless? Contact Deacon Ron at 773.585.2617 and let’s talk.

* Are you feeling a call to serve at St. Jane? Have you possibly thought of exploring our new SPRED Religious Education Program for children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Contact Mrs. Irma Villarreal at 773.484.5215 and let’s talk.

* Are you feeling a call to serve at St. Jane in other ways? Contact Deacon Ron at 773.585.2617 and let’s talk.

To see all our ministries click here PARISH MINISTRIES

Summer is a great time to relax and reflect on what it might be that God is calling us to. Ministry is not just about doing. It is all about hearts touching hearts, hands reaching out to hands, prayers that bring hope to the hopeless. Knowing that we all have a part to play in God’s plan of Salvation in bringing about His Kingdom here on earth.



The adult community would make wonderful servers for this Mass. Please call me if interested and I will give you a quick lesson. No experience needed, just your faith and a willingness to serve the Lord.



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  1. I would like to become a parishioner of St. Jane’s how do I register? Can I do it on line or do I need to come to the rectory/parish office? And where is that located.

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